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*Just like the topic says, in a blind spot from the rest of the world, outside there's two unicorns just chilling out. Come on outside and meet them, but be aware that two pair of eyes are observing you...*

*OoC: Meet Pit! To those who were around in the Live Journal era of the War Comms, this is a different Pit from what I played as, this time Uprising canon with a connection to Dark Pit.*
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WAT DID U DO WITH MY PR0N?!!?!?!?!! i kno itr wasnt angela cause shes skared of ir and missy beat her up again so shes passed out and it wasny that josie chick cuz shes been away and it wasnt teh cat cuz hes on toris bed

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See, this cunty little bitchwhore was writing her stupid little hetfics and praising female characters and it made me VERY VERY MAD!!! So I told the mod over at the forum she was being a slut and asking little boys to have sex with her and also threatened to rape me like the skank she is, and he took my side and banned her!!! ^_^ He totally did cause she hasn't posted in three hours, so she was banned!!! Yay me! I totally win! *does an incredibly annoying and childish little victory prancy-skippy dance* I'm better than bitches! I'm better than bitches!
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*walks into the house, looking sleepy, annoyed and amused all at once*

So I got this text last night from a classmate. Apparently they spent the night feeding pizza to dogs, yelling at stop signs and wound up sleeping in front of the 7-11. So I had to go pick them up at six in the morning and drive them home. And the whole time they kept singing the "Pee Fight" song.

Protip: If any of your friends are prone to wild drunken adventures, don't stay up till 2am watching The Room parodies on YouTube.
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*Guess who's running into the safehouse jumping and screaming?

Yup, it's everyone's favorite ship-everything, asexual-but-heteroromantic half-Japanese inn heiress.*

GUYS! GUYS GUYS GUYS! You won't believe what I got for Christmas from Anton-Klaus!

*She lifts up a hand.* He gave me a promise ring!
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Just who's been going around this anon meme posing as me?! I know I can be overzealous in my character defenses sometimes, but I have NEVER once butted into a thread about 1x2 screaming about how I'm so persecuted for liking Relena or gone into a Fire Emblem thread accusing anyone who doesn't like Virion of being an SJW fauxminist. Seriously, what the hell? Is someone really that bored? Or butthurt that I poked a hole in their argument? Or called them on being a shallow twat?

I already have my suspects, and when I find out who did this I'm going to lock them in a closet with Patrick AND Zach for half an hour.

((ooc: just a note, Lyssie IS telling the truth about what she's never done. XD))


Jul. 4th, 2013 09:58 pm
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The name's Dark Pit. Not Pittoo, not Pittooey, but I can take Dark or DP. Anyway, Pit said this place is perfect to relieve boredom... though he did sent me some warnings about people. I've got my eyes on you, Patrick.

...I'm not good with introductions, sorry.


Jul. 4th, 2013 11:56 am
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The other day at the pool a cuntish girl spit a watermelon seed at a boy! He was soooooo grossed out and the stupid bitch didn't even get called out and beaten up like she DESERVED!! It's against the rules, boys can do whatever they want to skanks but whores can't do things to boys!! Bad things are only bad when they happen to the mens, not to womens!!! Vaginas are YUCKY!!

All the men of the safehouse!! We gotta do something about this and stop yucky bitches from getting their way!! We have to take that stupid whore to court and make spitting watermelon seeds at boys illegal! DOWN WITH SKANKS!!
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To those who doesn't know me- my name is Marion LeRoy and I'm Kevin's mother. I've been around here under the name inhopestrance, but I finally managed to get my usual title, Black Lachesis. I hope we can civil towards each other.

To those that already knows me- I'm back! And Kevin kept me updated with everything.

...That includes you, Esmeralda Iceworth.
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Perhaps all of you have noticed Mittens's fixation with urinating on people and objects. At first I thought perhaps he was suffering from an overactive bladder or an infection, but his tests from the veterinarian came up normal. Then I thought he was absentminded and forgetting where his litter box is, but he clearly hasn't.

So it's just as I suspected. He does this solely for the sake of it, and I've decided the only way to put a stop to it is to have him neutered. All those who agree, comment here.
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*When entering the living room, there seems to be two Chroms. On closer inspection, one of them is smaller, has the Brand on his right eye instead of his right shoulder, carries a replica of Ike's Regal Sword instead of the Falchion, and the obviously different hair style and eye color.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chrom's son, Morgan.*

Father, are you sure this place's safe?

It's safer than home, that I can tell you for sure. At least, if we do get stressed, it's nothing compared to home!

I'll take your word for it, then!


Jan. 25th, 2013 06:00 pm
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*goes upstairs to her room...and sees what's been done to it over the course of a few hours*




*have the most damsellicious scream ever, safehouse. You may want to break out the earplugs!*

((ooc: Let's pretend this happened ages ago and that I didn't forget to make the post.))
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...But as silly it comes from the Pokémon forums, I'd say it was super effective.

Operation Forum Apocalypse was more than a success, guys. The words of the mass overtakes the words of a single person. Given proof of sources from people unwilling to be doormats, we presented what goes beyond one's personal fandom with facts that shook the people of the forums. By the will of an entire online community, a decision has been made, and it has been declare to all.

Esmeralda Iceworth, enjoy your permaban.


Jan. 6th, 2013 05:59 pm
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It's bad enough I have to be related to him, but can't I even walk into the bookstore without a bunch of my schoolmates mistaking me for Patrick?! I wish that just once I could go somewhere and not have them make whining noises or throw food wrappers at me before I have to remind them that I'm me! It's bad enough when people in fandom lump me in with Patty just because I share some of his interests!


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