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Since I posted so many stuff about Mieke, it's time we revise her for the new Mythverse, shall we?

Mieke Dayen is still the daughter, and possible heir, of a noble corsair as a member of House Dayen. Although she was raised among sailors and boats, her true talents lied in warfare strategy and tactics, and was supported by her parents to use them. She descends from Durban and his tactician via an ancestor moving to a budding Badon. She's a blunt yet kindhearted girl, caring very much for her soldiers and friends.

...In fact, she cares so much, that one of the changes is that she pulls off a Robin and joins the group as a fighter- once her father gives her back her beloved katars, Dioscuri and Gemini. And once she fights alongside her companions, you better pray that she doesn't target you- she gives Jaffar competition on the name "Angel of Death". As it turns out, a good portion of her time in Badon, she would 'arena crawl' (seeing there's two) as a competitor once she was old enough (much to the surprise of, well, most people, and to the amusement of Hector.) She's also known for joining bar fights in Badon, and has been reprimanded by her dad about it many times. She's pretty handy with a bar stool, even. (I can't help it. LoA's rendition of Mieke will always be near and dear to my heart, and the RP sample just as much.)

Look-wise, I've been planning to update her, but I'm gonna post that once I have a good grip on that. I'll probably use dollmakers for that, of course... but one thing is certain, she's got her cape, and she tends to remove it when going into battle. Because her fighting style does NOT work with capes, since she developed them before she had one. "I only have a cape because it's a portable blanket." I remember Ike saying he use his like one in FE9, so Mieke, being Mieke, would probably think the same.

...She also gains a quirk of using nautical terms when other means could work. And, because she literally was the captain's daughter, her father's crewmen called her Cat o' Nine Tails, to which her nickname in Badon is, well, Cat.

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Apr. 19th, 2017 05:40 pm
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AIM question

Apr. 17th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Am I the only one having problem with AIM lately? Maybe I need to make a new one...

Also I'm back from vacation. :P
Edit: Problem solved. Also the new AIM looks GOOD.


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