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So what would it be like if it's simply anime canon + Red and Leaf, no AU involved?


"You know, Red also has a Pikachu he doesn't put in a Ball."

Of course he would, Aunt Cherry, Ash thought, struggling to drag the Electric Mouse on their route to Viridian. And now people will think I'm trying to copy him.

He could not be able to copy someone dear to him, anyway- Red's personality was practically the opposite of his, and he knew the rest of Red's team by heart, so he knew which set-up to best avoid any further confusion.

(He then remembered Red looking at him, begging to not follow in his footsteps, to be his own person and not a shadow. Ash can't remember the last time Red looked that anxious.)

"I bet your cousin started out on a bad foot himself, Ash."

He wanted to laugh at Misty's face. Red, starting out on a bad foot? No, as much as Ash hated to admit it, Red has more patience than he'll ever have. Red embodied calmness.

(And yet, when asked about his first catch, Red would nervously rub the right side of his neck and ask for a change of subject.)

"The two of you are just cousins, huh. You sure act like he's your brother."

Brock isn't far off; because genetically, they're like half siblings, counting in Red's twin Leaf. Two brothers married twin sisters. It wasn't a very common situation, and Ash had always enjoyed the unique relationship he had with his cousins.

(When Leaf said she was unable to come to Red's party, it was like he received a Mach Punch to the heart, and she made the same face upon seeing it. She cried and kept on apologizing, saying she missed him too much.

Ash had promised to make it the best party for him to brag about when they saw each other next.)

"Hey, Misty, can you deal with this? We don't want to get in trouble with the Champion!"

The Sensational Sisters must've thought he was able to contact Red anytime, if they said that. He wished he could- he wanted his advice about Pokémon training. Was he on the right track? Was there something he was doing wrong?

Was accepting Gym Badges for doing good deeds something he would frown upon?

(Becoming Champion wasn't the first time Red was on the news- Ash remembered hearing about him saving Silph Co. from Team Rocket when on his journey. Did that affected his journey at all?)


Why I love Tokyo Xanadu

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:10 am
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I bought and started playing this game on the Vita around the beginning of August. I initially thought it might just be a temporary distraction before I put it aside in favour of some shinier game, but not only did Tokyo Xanadu turn out to be a very shiny game in its own right, but I found myself getting super invested in it -- and after about a month and a half, during which I clocked up about 80 hours of playtime, I finished my first playthrough last weekend!

As much as I love this game, it sadly doesn't seem to have gotten much fandom attention, so I thought I'd write a gushy post (not a formal review by any means) talking about why I'm so bloody fond of it; I'm hoping it might encourage more people to give the game a try, along with calling out to existing fans. :3

Cue the spoiler-free gushing! )

I started playing Trails of Cold Steel shortly after beating TX, and I'm enjoying that so far as well. I guess I'm steadily falling into Falcom hell!

Meme ganked from... multiple people

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:49 am
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Leave two ships in my replies and I'll choose which I ship more. :)
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Me: Dude, Sara, we should write Red into the story, it would be a battle of the AUs!
Also me: *The first thing written for BT is Red breaking down in tears in front of the WAA lawyers.*
Also me: *RPs scenarios that has Red being miserable*
Also me: *has it that Red hates the whole Champion role, fled to Mount Silver to avoid all stress related to it, and only came down to find Ash*
Also me: *also has it that Red values family over almost everything, and thus is in agony when Ash is in a coma/unconscious for four/five days*
Also me: *Makes Red into Apollo Justice 2.0 when it comes to his emotions, explaining Red's stoicism*
Also me: *accidentally ties Red into the plot by being the one who caught Pikachu, both him and said Electric Mouse ending up having a trauma involving the capture, and Red having issues with Team Rocket involving said trauma*
Also me: *has Red get bitten by a Zubat's Poison Fang AT THE NECK.*
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Because Red has issues with catching Pokémon. Consider this a pseudo-sequel to Champion's Voice.

How had he not noticed those scars before? )

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